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Virus-extortionist Petya attacked computers in Israel

According to information of the 2nd channel of the Israeli television, the hacker attacks being experienced in Russia and Ukraine, has a global character. Cases are infecting computers with a virus-extortionist Petya was in the United States, Denmark, Sweden and Israel.

The evening of 27 June he received information that victims of the attack were three Israeli companies (data correct at 19:00 Israel time). This was reported by the website of the Second channel of «Mako».

The headquarters for the fight against cyberthreats the office of the head of government urged companies that have become victims of hackers, not pay a «ransom», and to contact the experts staff for help.

Earlier, on 27 June it became known that the hacker attack suffered by private and public companies in Russia and Ukraine.

In Russia victims of criminals of a steel «Rosneft» and «Bashneft».
«On the servers of the company were granted a powerful hacker attack. We hope that this has nothing to do with the current judicial procedures. In fact, cyber attacks the company has addressed in law enforcement bodies», – TASS quoted the message widespread by the press service of Rosneft. After the attack Rosneft switched to a backup system of management of production processes, extraction and processing of oil has not been stopped. But the sites of «Rosneft» and «Bashneft» was unavailable.

The Ukraine virus attack suffered by banks, the international airport in Kiev, energy companies, government agencies.

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko on his page in Facebook reported that derived from the system, all computers in the Cabinet.

The national Bank of Ukraine reported that as a result of hacker attacks, banks have experienced difficulties with customer service and banking operations.

The difficulty of travel arose from the passengers of the Kyiv metro. The attack also affected network operators.

The website of RBC-Ukraine reports that hackers attacked the office computers «Ukrenergo» and «Kyivenergo».

The attack touched the international airport of Kiev «Boryspil». First Deputy General Director of state enterprise «international airport «Boryspil» Eugene Dykhne on their page Facebook reported the emergency situation caused by hacking attack. The airport website does not work, scoreboard with the schedule. Relevant information can be obtained only on the scoreboard in the departures area of terminal D.

The specialists Group-IB has told RIA Novosti that the reason for the large-scale attacks on Russian and Ukrainian companies became virus-extortionist Petya. «It locks computers and demands $ 300 in bitcoins. The attack occurred at about 14.00. Judging by the photos, this Cryptologic Petya,» — said the press service of the company, noting that the method of distribution Petya in a local network is similar to a virus WannaCry. According to preliminary data, the virus affected many companies, including «Bashneft» and «Rosneft», and also Ukrainian «Zaporozhyeoblenergo», «Dniproenergo» and «Dnieper electric power system,» — said the security professionals.

However, Dr. Web specializing in antivirus software, has told RIA Novosti that the method of spread of the virus differs from the virus-ransomware Petya.

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Virus-extortionist Petya attacked computers in Israel 27.06.2017

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