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«Virus-ransomware attacks to users through Facebook

Online media reported June 26, a new attack on users of the social network Facebook with the help of the virus is locking computers and demanding a ransom to be paid. According to Ynet and Walla News, for many Israeli users were victims of this attack.

Like many other viruses that spread through social networks, «the extortionist» is disguised as a notification from the network Facebook. It can be a message that someone of my friends commented on a post or put a «tag». When you click on a message to the computer downloaded the malware.

Computer infection can be avoided, if the file is deleted without opening. If the file was opened, the security professionals suggest to immediately shut down your computer and contact the computer experts who will help to remove the virus or restore the computer before the hard disk contents will be encrypted by the virus.

According to «Kaspersky Lab», from April 2015 to March 2016 PC users have become 5.5 times more likely to encounter software-encryption, requiring a ransom for the return of access to files than the same period last year. The total number of users on computers which were any type of ransomware, in the reporting period increased by 17.7% and exceeded $ 2.3 million. Moreover, among all victims of ransomware in two times increased the share of corporate users – up 13%.

«Virus-ransomware attacks to users through Facebook 26.06.2016

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