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Wall Street Journal: the U.S. intelligence services were spying on «friends», the first on the list was Netanyahu

The American edition of the Wall Street Journal published an article that claimed that, despite assurances from U.S. President Barack Obama, saying two years ago that listening to the conversations of heads of friendly States will be discontinued, the NSA continued to spy on the leaders of such countries, and first on the list was the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

In particular, the authors write publish Adam and Dani Antos Agron, the NSA has tapped the telephone conversations Netanyahu with the American congressmen. Especially active was listening to at the time when Netanyahu tried to prevent the signing of the «nuclear agreement» with Iran.

Judging by this publication, was listened to talks Netanyahu with the leaders of the American Jewish community and the conversations its representatives.

According to the WSJ, the NBA got a short list of government leaders, not to listen, it included French President Francois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other leaders of NATO countries (excluding Turkey’s President Tayyip Recep Erdogan). But for other «allies» NBA orders not received. In addition, the ban did not apply to wiretapping of the closest aides of the leaders of the NATO countries.

Official Jerusalem has not yet commented on this publication. But she cited the leading Israeli media.

Recall that on January 17, 2014 Barack Obama in a special appearance announced the list of planned changes in the work of U.S. intelligence. Then, in particular, they were told that from now on American intelligence agencies will no longer attempt to listen in on telephone conversations or intercept e-mail «the leaders of allied and friendly States» except for extreme necessity. The list «allied and friendly countries» was not published.

Wall Street Journal: the U.S. intelligence services were spying on «friends», the first on the list was Netanyahu 30.12.2015

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