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Wall Street Journal: the US maintains secret contacts with the Assad regime, which tried to overthrow

The Obama administration for several years maintained secret contacts with representatives of the ruling regime in Syria, trying to halt the war and force Bashar al-Assad to resign the presidency,
write to Nour Malas and Carol Lee in the Wall Street Journal with reference to informowanie sources in the United States and Arab countries.

According to these sources, at the initial stage, the Americans tried to find «cracks in the regime» that would permit a military coup, but success in this direction were insignificant. So, in 2011, when Syria’s civil war began, American intelligence was able to find among officials in alavieska the leadership of those who would support regime change.

Attempts were made to act through allies of the Assad regime, Russia and Iran. Assad himself constantly made it clear to Washington that the best course of action – together against terror, the article notes.

The newspaper reminds that in August 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama for the first time publicly called for Assad to resign as Syrian President.

By the summer of 2012, the White house finally convinced of the impossibility to change the Assad regime «from within», and then the U.S. started supporting the Syrian opposition. At the same time, through Moscow and Tehran, the Americans made clear to Damascus that the regime should not be used in the fight against opposition groups chemical weapons. But in August 2013 in ghouta resulting from the use of sarin gas killed some 1,400 Syrians.

The article does not upiraetsya about the threats from US and allies to start a war against the Assad regime in response to the use of chemical weapons. Not stated in the publication and that Moscow came out with a proposal for international control over chemical weapons in Syria and the removal of these weapons from the country, which was eventually done.

At the same time, the authors note that the growing influence of «Islamic state» in Syria in 2013 found the American leadership by surprise. With 2014 in Syria began air strikes by Western coalition. It is noted that the us military are trying to act against ISIS, «not touching» the regular army of Syria, although Assad is not declared. With attention to the ongoing contacts between representatives of Washington with Assad and his entourage. At the moment the U.S. administration is at a crossroads: increase support for the Syrian opposition or to focus on the fight against ISIS, says the publication.

Wall Street Journal: the US maintains secret contacts with the Assad regime, which tried to overthrow 24.12.2015

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