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Wall Street Journal: trump and Bolton United on the nuclear deal with Iran

Choosing John Bolton to the post of national security Advisor, Donald trump seems to have found someone who shares his views on the main problems. They include the agreement with Iran the need to stop the nuclear program of the DPRK and foreign policy on the principle of «America first». However, on some issues Bolton and trump may appear divisive, writes The Wall Street Journal.

The author of the article, Nancy Youssef examines the biography of Bolton. «The story of his work in Washington begins with the administration of Ronald Reagan: he was an employee of the Agency for international development, and then Deputy Minister of justice,» – says the journalist.

When George H. W. Bush, he moved to the state Department, where he was an assistant Secretary of state for international organizations. Under Bush the younger, he became Deputy Secretary of state for arms control and international security. «In 2005, Bush’s decision to appoint Bolton as our representative to the UN caused a fierce protest from former diplomats and Democrats in Bolton called international organization unnecessary. Congress eventually blocked his confirmation in the post, forcing Bolton to leave,» the article says.

In the period of the Clinton administration Bolton worked in a law firm and was senior Vice President of the conservative think tank American enterprise Institute. In 2007 he published his book: «Surrender – not an option: defending America at the UN and in the international arena.» «In recent years, Bolton has been a commentator on Fox News channel that the President regularly looks,» writes Youssef.

Bolton advocated pre-emptive military action against Iran and North Korea for their attempts to develop a nuclear weapons program. Last year, he vehemently criticized the nuclear deal with Iran. «Throughout the agreement not only reflects the policy of appeasement – in many specific provisions of the diplomacy that President Obama has developed a weak, ambiguous and confusing language. These miscalculations when the document has created a huge loophole, and now Iran is pursuing its missile and nuclear programmes right through them,» wrote Bolton in February 2017 in The Wall Street Journal (the»start Treaty trump may be better than Obama’s Treaty»).

«There are two questions on which the views of Bolton and trump seem to diverge sharply, the newspaper reports. – In the administration of George W. Bush Bolton, at that time under Secretary for arms control, has strongly supported the invasion of Iraq, defending the now debunked view that the regime of Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. Trump condemned the invasion as a mistake.»

«Another area of potential differences is the approach to Russia. Trump has said it wants to improve relations and reduce tensions between the two countries. But Bolton belongs to Russia with deep suspicion,» writes the journalist.

In February, Bolton said that the charge 13 of the Russians meddling in elections opens to trump the opportunity to toughen its approach to Russia. About the poisoning of former Russian spy and his daughter Bolton wrote on Twitter that the US and its allies should take «serious action in response to [Russian] chemical weapons to poison the Russian double agent in Britain».

Thursday in an interview with Fox News, Bolton refused to tell how to advise trump on the issue of relations with Putin. «I don’t think it’s appropriate to tell you what would be my recommendations. I have my own views. I am sure that I will have the opportunity to make their President,» he said.

Wall Street Journal: trump and Bolton United on the nuclear deal with Iran 23.03.2018

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