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Walla: Israel warned Iran about inadmissibility of construction of military factories in Lebanon

Through the European representatives of the leadership of Iran was given a message that Israel will not tolerate the construction of military factories to Hizbullah in Lebanon, according to Israeli website Walla News.

The reporter tal Shalev with reference to one of the European diplomats, who is not named in the publication, writes that in Jerusalem found it necessary to alert Tehran about the inadmissibility of such construction in the neighboring country amid growing concern about the cooperation of the governments of Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

Recall that in March this year, the Kuwaiti newspaper «al-Jarida» published information that the Iranians had built in Lebanon several plants for the production of weapons and transferred them under the control of Hizbullah. The publication stated that these plants are, at least in the last three months and produce missiles and missile launchers to them. That is, to date, these plants operate for about six months.

«Al-Jarida» wrote that we are talking about the production of missiles with ranges up to 500 km, as well as anti-ship and anti-tank missiles, armoured vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles (including the shock of the UAV). The article claimed that these weapons «Hezbollah» was tested in real combat conditions in Syria.

According to reports, military factories in Lebanon, run by experts of the Ministry of defense of Iran and the revolutionary guards, the Lebanese government, this production does not control or have access to manufactured weapons.

The source of this information, «al-Jarida» is not called. But, as rightly noted in the newspaper ha’aretz journalist Gili Cohen, is a Kuwaiti publishing in the Arab world is the mouthpiece of Israel, that is, information could be obtained from Israeli intelligence and submitted for publication in the loyal Arab media.

It is assumed that the construction of military factories in Lebanon became Iran’s response to the destruction by the Israelis of similar factories in the Sudan. Air raids on Sudanese plants in 2012-2015 remains unanswered. In the case that the IDF will conduct a similar attack on the factories in Lebanon, Hezbollah can respond to missile attacks on Israeli territory, which will lead to a new war.

According to «al-Jarida», this time the Iranians have taken additional security measures to build military factories in Lebanon under the earth, on depth more than 50 meters. None of these plants do not have a full production cycle for the creation of any kind of weapons assembled at other plants, says the publication.

The theme is invalid the strengthening of Iran in Syria and Lebanon were discussed in March at the talks between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin, held in Moscow. The Israeli leadership has repeatedly stressed that the IDF will act to prevent the emergence of Hizbullah modern missile weapons.

Israeli leaders have repeatedly pointed out the United Nations that the security Council resolution No. 1701, adopted in August 2006, the Lebanese side is not performed, and the strength of UNIFIL is unable to implement it. In particular, this resolution was provided for «the adoption of security measures designed to prevent the resumption of hostilities, including the establishment between the «blue line» and the Litani river of an area free of any armed groups and weapons, except those from the government of Lebanon and UNIFIL». However, according to Israeli intelligence, during the last 11 years, the Hizbullah not only operate freely in southern Lebanon, but also offers underground utilities to commit sabotage in Israeli territory – UNIFIL and the Lebanese regular army can not prevent this activity. UNIFIL also reported on the smuggling of weapons into southern Lebanon. The Israeli authorities say they will continue actions to prevent arms shipments to Hezbollah.

6 December 2016, the press service of the defense Army of Israel has published a map that shows the objects of the terrorist organization «Hezbollah» in South-Eastern Lebanon, which are in the Bank the purposes of the IDF. The plan-the scheme caused about 10 thousand targets located on the territory, where there are 85 villages. We are talking about warehouses of arms and ammunition, rocket launchers, the positions of the infantry units, bunkers and other underground fortifications, anti-tank positions and command posts. The map was compiled on the basis of intelligence gathered with the IDF after the Second Lebanon war. This document is not secret, it was transferred to the representative of Israel to the UN, Dani Danon. According to the command of the IDF, the fact that Hezbollah places its facilities next to civilian objects in the settlements, is evidence of the Commission of a war crime.

In early March, 2017 on the site of «al-Ahad», owned by the Lebanese «Hezbollah», was published a video, which shows the «Bank of targets» in Israel in case of a new war. A total of nine named purposes: the nuclear reactor in Dimona, the nuclear research center «Nahal Soreq», chemical plant and storage in Haifa, the center of sewage treatment in the area of Ramle, the IDF base in the center of the country, the military factory of the company «Rafael» about Sakhnin. The creators of this video didn’t care about plausibility: the clip shows how rockets at Israel are produced using a system similar to the Russian anti-aircraft missile system s-300 is not designed to destroy ground targets. Such complexes have Iran, SAM more modern class of Russian military use in Syria. But there is no evidence that the s-300 ended up in the hands of Hizbullah.

The clip was published on the background of statements of the leader «Hezbollah» Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah and his inner circle about the readiness to a new war with Israel. A few weeks ago, Nasrallah, in an interview with Iranian television, stated that in a future war with Israel there will be no «red lines». In particular, was named to two objects that «Hezbollah» must attack in case of war: storage of ammonia in Haifa and the nuclear reactor in Dimona. Nasrallah said that Israel should think twice before you declare war on Lebanon. He also stressed that the participation of Hizbullah in the war in Syria is not only not weakened, but, on the contrary, strengthen it.

On the website of the TV channel «al-Manar» belonging «to Hezbollah» also published a statement of the Advisor to the commander of the Iranian Islamic revolutionary guards Corps Brigadier General Ahmad Karim Pura that the missile force of the IRGC is ready for an immediate strike against targets in Israel and are able to destroy the Jewish state for seven and a half minutes. In particular, it was said that Iranian missiles «Shahab-3» is ready in minutes to bulldoze tel Aviv and Haifa. Such an attack, according to Pura, will suffer if Iran is subjected to any attack.

June 23, 2017, «the Day of al-Quds», Nasrallah said that in a future war against Israel, «Hezbollah» will support hundreds of thousands of volunteers from Arab and Muslim countries.

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Walla: Israel warned Iran about inadmissibility of construction of military factories in Lebanon 25.06.2017

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