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Walla: the Arabs who penetrated into Israel from Gaza, were dressed in the uniforms of the soldiers of the IDF

Security forces continue to investigate the incident in which three Palestinian Arabs infiltrated from Gaza into Israeli territory. As reported on Sunday, February 28, portal Walla, the detainees were dressed in army jackets, and one equipped in the form of the soldier soldier.

The army’s press service in response to inquiry of edition said that it was «checking the information».

The detainees were not armed, but security forces do not rule out that the intruders were sent by the Hamas militants to check the vigilance of the soldiers of the IDF and the speed of their response to the violation of the border.

The detainees are under investigation in the General security service (SHABAK).

Recall that the infiltration from Gaza were recorded in the morning on Saturday. In the border area was declared a state of high alert, residents of the district Council Eshkol ordered to stay indoors and traffic on highway 232 was blocked. For several hours the servicemen were wanted offenders.

Radio station «Sieves Beth» reports with reference to Arab sources that in the area of the separation fence shots were heard. The press service of the IDF said that «the offenders have been arrested without the use of weapons».

The former head of the district Council Eshkol, now a Knesset member from the party «Yesh Atid» Haim Yelin called on the government to create «a more serious physical obstacle to terrorists from Gaza on Israeli territory.» According to yellin, «the Prime Minister and defense Minister can indefinitely to appease the residents of the border regions, but until then, until the obstacle is not created, the IDF will continue to chase the trespassers and catch them one by one.» Elin added that «we are talking about threat of life of civilians».

According to Walla, the military support the proposal to build a new fence on the border with Gaza, but so far no decision on the financing of the project, or the date of commencement of its implementation.

Walla: the Arabs who penetrated into Israel from Gaza, were dressed in the uniforms of the soldiers of the IDF 28.02.2016

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