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Washington Times: the U.S. is afraid to bomb the infrastructure of propaganda IG

The Washington Times says, citing informed sources that the U.S. is in no hurry to strike at the infrastructure of the propaganda of the terrorist group «Islamic state», despite the fact that they know the location of its objects.

According to the publication, the terrorists are using to create outreach materials and installation videos of the apartments located in residential areas. The air force of the coalition to avoid their attack, fearing casualties among the local population.

The sources said that in recent months, the U.S. intelligence community has made significant efforts to locate such objects. Collected at the moment the information has allowed to create a significant Bank goals, and the work continues.

In the administration and the military command there is a debate on ways to counter the media campaign of the IG, with which the group is mobilizing supporters and making Muslims more radical. The ongoing U.S. campaign of counter-propaganda is ineffective.

The newspaper notes that even if this infrastructure will be able to destroy it, instead it will create a new, a discovery which will take time. The opportunity to follow the propaganda machine of the jihadists, with better organization of countermeasures, would allow a better to resist it.

Experts note: the «Islamic state» is fundamentally different from other terrorist groups and its propaganda campaign far exceeds in scope and variety of previous efforts of the jihadists.

Washington Times: the U.S. is afraid to bomb the infrastructure of propaganda IG 17.12.2015

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