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«We are importing extremism», with more than half of the refugees Bavaria hate Jews

The results of a study conducted by the Bavarian Hans Seidel Foundation, associated with the ruling party, the Christian Socialist Union, suggests that more than half of immigrants who arrived in this Federal land from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Eritrea, are «classical anti-Semitism.»

About it writes on Monday, June 5, the website of the newspaper the Jerusalem Post.

Recall that for 2016, Bayern took 800 immigrants who have been granted housing in the cities of Nuremberg, POI and Planning. Dvuhsotkratnym the report in question was published last week.

Given in this document, the figures show that the Jews have a disproportionate influence on world politics, are convinced 52% of Syrians and 53% of Iraqis, about 60% of Afghans and only 5.4% of Eritreans. Recall that the African country, unlike the other three, the majority of the population profess Christianity, and about the Jews they learned mostly from the Bible.

Earlier it was reported that among the natives of German classical version of anti-Semitism hold 20% of the population, but at the same time, 40% are anti-Semites of the new formation – they hate Israel.

In the report of the Foundation Seidel argues that the main factors determining the attitude of the inhabitants of these countries to the Jews is their religion (Islam) and educational system, propagated anti-Semitism. It is also noted that the identified «emotional prejudice against Israeli families from the refugees».

The drafters of the report, in addition, figured out how the new arrivals are women and why they want to stay in Germany.

The authors of the article remind that in 2015, the German intelligence service published a report on how immigrants take root, stating: «the Germans import extremism Islamic, Arab anti-Semitism, manifestations of ethnic and national conflicts, as well as a different understanding of the social and legal systems.»

The drafters of this document come to the conclusion that these problems of the German security service can not solve, leading to a growing outcry from the citizens of Germany.

«We are importing extremism», with more than half of the refugees Bavaria hate Jews

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