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We need a law forbidding to accuse the USSR in the Holocaust. Review of Russian media

Israel built the separation wall along the border with Lebanon: the country has already created the infrastructure for the construction of facilities in the Eastern and Western sectors of the border, reports on Tuesday, the news Agency RIA Novosti.

Israel first started erecting a concrete wall on the Lebanese border in 1948 and still creates a line of defense around their settlements.System barriers in Israel is considered one of the most effective means of combating terror, reminiscent of the authors.

The European court of human rights (ECtHR) partially granted the appeal of one of the defendants in the «Bolotnaya case» – the activist of «Left front» is invalid and Vladimir Akimenkov, who was held under arrest, despite the threat of blindness. He had been accused under part 2 of article 212 of the criminal code (participation in mass riots), but was released from the courtroom under an Amnesty in December 2013, the newspaper «Kommersant»

The ECHR found violations of article 3 (prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment) and part 3 of article 5 (prohibition of unlawful extension of detention) of the Convention for the protection of human rights and awarded the Russian authorities to pay the applicant 10,000 euros.

Israel undertook illegal
after the Ukrainians and Georgians from the country will begin to send immigrants from Africa, said on Tuesday the same publication.

The control of the Israeli Ministry of interior for population registration and immigration started issuing the notification of the deportation of irregular migrants from Eritrea and Sudan. Immigrants from African countries aren’t the only ones deprived of asylum in Israel: in the past year, the deportation of citizens of Ukraine and Georgia. However, it is the fate of African migrants has split Israeli society – the Israelites collecting signatures on petitions in support of their expulsion, and against. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the American billionaire George Soros in support of the protests.

«Muslims of Turkey should limit the use of the left hand» – is the title of an article in «Rossiyskaya Gazeta», which reported that the Office of religious Affairs of Turkey (Diyanet) has released an explanation of the main rules of conduct according to the principles of Islam. In particular, it says that there should drink with right hand because the left is considered «unclean».

The authors refer to the words of the prophet Muhammad: «Left hand to eat and drink the devils, so he was taught to eat and drink with the right hand». The restriction of the use of the left hand exists in Islam since ancient times,but in secular Turkey, such rule is not respected by all, because of what Diane considers it his duty to periodically remind you of them.

The substitution is ordered to live long – for three years, Russian enterprises have been unable to abandon foreign raw materials and equipment, wrote on Tuesday the newspaper «Nezavisimaya Gazeta».

The policy of import substitution was only a nice slogan – cases when domestic products are successfully replacing foreign, remain single. The majority of Russian companies continue to import raw materials and equipment due to the lack of quality alternatives in Russia – to such conclusion economists at the Gaidar Institute, presidential Academy (Ranepa) and Russian Academy of foreign trade. Over the past three years percentage of businesses planning to replace imports with domestic products, has been steadily decreasing.

The reason for the rather modest progress in import substitution lies in formed in previous years based on the Russian industry from imports. Russian officials prefer to vividly describe the success of the domestic economy.

The experts identified new threats for computers running on Windows operating system, reports the newspaper «Izvestia» with reference to the edition GitHub.

Three computer virus created on the basis of the development of the national security Agency of the United States, looking for vulnerabilities in the system and use them. In that case, if in the near future will not be able to promptly resolve the vulnerabilities in the software, viruses can capture most of the computers in the world.

As informs television and radio company «Mir», malware EternalRomance, EternalSynergy and EternalChampion was created on the basis of a draft us intelligence EternalBlue. The same program in the hands of hackers produced the infamous virus WannaCry.

Juliana skobeyda, infamous columnist of the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda», endorses the actions of the Polish authorities and argues that Russia needs to be a law forbidding to accuse the USSR in the Holocaust.

«Why do we need it? Then, when everything will be decided, not wheeze, losing the voice of indignation: «are You nuts? We have people burned alive, we are the victims of the Nazis from the gas chambers were pulled out, and you equate us with the executioners?»Then it will be too late. To celebrate the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, we, the liberators, is not invited.

Pass a law in Poland: «Everyone who publicly ascribes to the Russian (Soviet) state responsibility or complicity in the outbreak of the Third Reich the Second World war and equates Nazi crimes defined in article 6 of the Charter of the International Military Tribunal, other crimes against peace and humanity, war crimes and the activities of the Soviet state (government), be liable to a fine or to imprisonment for a term up to three years,» explains Skobeyda.

We need a law forbidding to accuse the USSR in the Holocaust. Review of Russian media 06.02.2018

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