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Weather service summed up: January was colder than usual

According to the weather service, last month on most of the territory of Israel was 1-2 degrees colder than usual at this time of year. It was cold not only at night but in the daytime.

In the latter, the third wave of a cold snap, which came at the end of the month, the temperature in the Upper Galilee, the Golan and the hills in the center of the country dropped below zero.

The cold peak came on January 28 when in the lowlands in the North, the temperature dropped to -2. Subzero temperature (-1) was recorded in the Northern parts of the Negev.

In the report of the meteorological service says that only in certain parts of Israel last month was exceeded «January precipitation». Heavy rains were in the Western Negev and Central coastal areas. From Carmel to the sea of Galilee last month had the average seasonal rainfall. In the area of the coastal plain, in the border with Gaza and areas in the North of the Negev, rainfall is almost two times higher than the seasonal average performance.

The record for the amount of precipitation were the villages of Tahini (217 mm), Harasim (216 mm), Efrat (200 mm).

In Nahariya in January fell 72 mm of precipitation in Haifa – 107 mm, in tel Aviv — 112 mm, Jerusalem — 151 mm, Beersheba — 94мм, Eilat is 0.3.

However, in the Northern parts of the country was «dry», there fell to less than half the monthly norm of precipitation.

Weather service summed up: January was colder than usual 01.02.2016

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