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Western media: attack on Shiites in Tehran and «the hypocrisy of trump»

The arrows associated with ISIS, attacked the Iranian Parliament and the mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini, there are victims. The experts write: IG seeks to divert attention from losses in Syria and Iraq, and attacks on Shiites in the legendary capital of Shiism will be effective for propaganda. Communication with trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia indirect, but he gave a clear signal: Iran is the enemy. Not a substitute if he the main enemy?

«Arrow associated with the «Islamic state», staged on Wednesday’s brazen attack on the building of the Iranian Parliament and the mausoleum of the founder of Iran leader of the Islamic revolution Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. At least 12 people were killed and dozens wounded,» – said Ishan Tharoor in The Washington Post.

On Wednesday, trump has been suspiciously silent for many hours. Press Secretary of the Department of state released a formal statement condemning the actions of terrorists. «When trump finally broke the silence, his message has repaid all the good will, which, perhaps, wanted to send American diplomats,» says Tharoor.

«We grieve and pray for the innocent victims of terrorist acts in Iran and about the Iranian people, who is going through such a hard time, – said trump. We emphasize that the countries sponsoring terrorism, at risk of fall victim to the evil that they condone».

«Even in view of the severe tensions between Tehran and Washington – which have intensified under the administration of the tramp, who took Iran «note», – the statement of trump, it seems, crossed an unspoken boundary in world Affairs,» – said the author of the article: let the Iranian authorities release the routine statements of condemnation of terrorist acts in the United States, but they do not Express assumptions that the «great Satan» got what he deserved.

Tharoor indicates that just a few hours after the terrorist attack in Iran the United States Senate voted for a bill to impose new sanctions on Iran. Several democratic senators urged to postpone the vote, but their protest was rejected.

«The national Iranian-American Council is located in Washington organization that seeks to reconcile Iran and the United States issued an angry response to the statement by the White house,» – said the journalist.

Terrorist episodes in the world seems to be inexorably follow one another, but «this fact pulling sensation: Tehran added to the list of cities target of bloody action, the responsibility assumed by ISIS,» writes the newspaper La Repubblica, Roberto Toscano, diplomat, former Ambassador of Italy in Iran.

According to the author, the attack on the Iranian Parliament and the mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini confirms that no regime is immune from such attacks, and would have to learn a lesson about the need for a common front against what is today the objective is the main threat to the security of citizens and global stability. «But this does not happen, – complains Toscano. There are a lot of numerous, warlike, but strangely incompetent allies in the fight against ISIS, though concerned that the «Islamic state» could destabilize their country, do not consider it the main enemy, instead attributing such a role to Iran.» This is not new, writes the diplomat: it is enough to think about Saudi, Qatari and Turkish support for the emergence of ISIS in order to confront the Assad regime, Hezbollah and, above all, Iran.

«However, there is something new, and it is in Washington, where the Iranian dogma about the «great Satan» is transformed – without much discrimination in the media and allies in support of a policy of isolation and weakening of Iran», – stated in the article. It is hardly possible to establish a direct causal link between the trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia and the attack in Tehran, the author writes, «however, the signal, which gave the visit was very clear: Iran is the enemy that must be overcome; other problems – secondary; all good; all allies acceptable.»

The former Ambassador in Iran notes that it is unclear who are the terrorists. He mentions Arabs from the Khuzestan province and Baloch people on the Eastern border of Iran, but believes it is more likely the involvement of the Organization of the Mujahideen of the Iranian people («Mojahedin-e Hulk»), «which many attribute to Saudi Arabia».

«We plunge into the phase of multiple and cross-conflict, and most importantly – loss of control in terms of controllability of the international system: it is the perfect panorama for terrorism,» said Mr. Toscano. He urged to follow the example of the foreign Minister of Germany Gabriel, who in an interview with the newspaper Handelsblatt criticised «TransAsia» treatment Qatar and huge amounts of American arms sales to the Gulf monarchies, confirming at the same time, the importance of maintaining after the success of the agreement on the nuclear program – active diplomatic contact with Iran.

On Wednesday, the «Islamic state» has claimed responsibility for its first attack in Iran, where the authorities are Shia, writes the correspondent of El Mundo, Francisco Carrión.

«Al-Amak», the news Agency of ISIS, has posted three claims of responsibility and released a video, made, apparently, straight from camera Go Pro, which was used by one of the attackers in (Iranian) Parliament,» said Veryan Khan, Director of the editorial Board of the analytical center TRAC, which tracks the movement of this jihadist group. «This material suggests that «Islamic state» not only knew about the event beforehand, but probably planned it directly,» added Khan.

According to the author, the attack on the Iranian Parliament are a few factors.

1. The presence of Iranians in the ranks of ISIS.

2. ISIS in recent weeks has stepped up a media campaign against Iran. One of the branches of the Iraqi ISIS released a video where «the militants are calling on the Iranian Sunni minority to rise up with arms against the regime. The author notes that Iranian Sunnis have hitherto showed little interest in these calls.

3. «IG obstructed at the global extermination of the Shiites. It has always taken the position that they must either go to Sunni Islam or die. This attack against Shiites in the legendary capital of Shiism will be effective for propaganda,» says Khan.

According to the author, these attacks took on extra significance in light of the fact that the President of the United States trump vows Iran, and Saudi Arabia, pressure on Qatar, including mutual understanding with Tehran. «The escalation of the war between Sunnis and Shias add fuel to the ideological fire of the IG,» says analyst Charlie winter.

4. The author lists the terrorist attacks that occurred last month outside Iraq and Syria: in the UK, the Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, Australia, Pakistan and Iran. In his opinion, this «feverish activity, driven by the need to divert attention from the losses of the IG in Syria and Iraq.»

Western media: attack on Shiites in Tehran and «the hypocrisy of trump» 08.06.2017

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