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Western media: Makron «hugs» the Russian President

In two German publications published an article by journalist Tanya, Kuchenbecker, held in Paris the meeting of the Russian and French presidents. «The Makron had a pompous reception of Putin demonstrated determination,» the author notes.

Emmanuel macron «reached out for dialogue with Vladimir Putin, even though he was not welcome Putin’s candidate for the French presidency,» writes Tanya Kuchenbecker on the pages of the German business newspaper Handelsblatt, Recalling that recently the Russian leader can be seen with marine Le Pen, who advocated the weakening of Europe, and the Russian media has spread false news about the personal life of the Macron. Despite this, the macron, who before the election said that is not «shared values Putin, solemnly adopted by Putin in France in Versailles and with the red carpet».

The topic of the meeting was «for the Franco-Russian relations, terrorism, Syria and Ukraine, but above all, leaders had to meet each other. Therefore, confrontation avoided». According to the Director of the French Institute of international relations Tom Gomara, Putin «wanted to correct the extremely negative image acquired during the pre-election struggle in France.» The French media saw it as an indication that «Putin is thereby returned to dialogue with the West.» For Macron, in turn, is another impeccable step in the international arena and is scheduled for June elections to the French Parliament.

«Putin, it seemed, was flattered by the Royal reception at Versailles» – the author stresses.

After the election of Macron Putin has made a step forward and stated that the parties must «overcome mutual mistrust» that prevails between the two countries and to join forces for ensuring international stability and security. Thus, the first telephone conversation between the presidents took place on 18 may at the initiative of Putin.

Russia, adds Handelsblatt, hopes that now it will be easier to agree on Syria. With the predecessor of Macron, françois Hollande it was hard, because Hollande, like many of his colleagues, accused Moscow of supporting the Assad regime. Initially Putin’s visit to Paris was scheduled for October last year to celebrate the opening of the Russian cultural centre. However, when Putin learned that Hollande will not be at the event, he even canceled his visit. Now the macron, sums up Kuchenbecker, «reconciled Putin Versailles and revived relations between States».

«Macron is looking for a reconciliation with Putin taking it in the Palace of the «sun king» – said the publication on the website Tagesspiegel regular contributor to publications Tanya Kuchenbecker.

According to the journalist, hastily the presidents speech in the first place was a «show of force». However, the first handshake, which was watched closely the whole world, «came out rather friendly and did not point to the beginning of the confrontation».

«Parties to avoid confrontation. Nevertheless, the hardness of the felt positions: the Makron has threatened a response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria. (…) Clearly outlined the position and Putin, pointing out that anti-Russian sanctions do not improve the situation in Ukraine».

Macron raised the subject of Syria: «We want to expand our partnership with Russia in the fight against terrorism.» As for the Syrian President Assad, which Moscow supports, the President of France chose General language.

«During the meeting with Putin macron appeared in the role of a mediator in the solution of the Ukrainian conflict, wanting to show a strong stance of France on the world stage. Thus, it also demonstrated the importance of Russia as a partner, with whom we should maintain diplomatic relations even though the parties do not share common values.»

«At Versailles did not discuss the accusations against Russia in connection with the alleged interference in the election campaign in France,» the article reads.

«However, the French media doubt that him and Russia will be able to start from scratch. Unlike Le Pen, the macron stands for a strong Europe», – the newspaper reminds.

Western media: Makron «hugs» the Russian President 30.05.2017

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