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Western media quote «rocketeer» Kim: the misunderstanding of trump should not be fatal

Pyongyang wants to talk with analysts from Washington, close to Republicans, not about the nuclear program of the regime, and on the interpretation of conflicting signals trump. «Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy would have been shocked: in 2017, the American President, apparently believes that a preventive war is better than containment,» writes The Atlantic, at the same time criticizing publications that «his vocabulary contribute to the duplicity and insanity trump».

«Twitter defends its decision not to remove the controversial tweet of the President of trump on Saturday with attacks on North Korea,» writes a reporter for the Washington Post.

Listening to North Korean officials at the UN, trump last weekend wrote on Twitter that some interpreted as a threat: «Just heard the speech of the Minister of foreign Affairs of North Korea in the UN. If he repeats the thought of the Little Rocket, how long they stretch!».

«Twitter rules prohibit violent threats, said some users, claiming that the tweet trump falls into this category, the article says. – However, Twitter said that it will not remove the account or suspend the account of the tramp», as it considers, among other things, the «news value» of content and «public interest».

«Now the whole diplomatic disputes played out on Twitter, notes the author. – So, this spring, official accounts belonging to Russia and Ukraine, entered into a verbal argument about the historical figures of the eleventh century, reaching that of the Ukrainian account used in mockery of SFII from «the Simpsons».

«Twitter can also become a Central player in us-North Korea Saga, the journalist says. – Although North Korea, as you know, describes almost any perceived disrespect as a «Declaration of war», its rhetoric in a raised voice is a direct response to trump’s use of social networking».

«North Korean government officials behind the scenes are trying to arrange talks with analysts from Washington, associated with the Republican party: obviously, they seek to understand the President of trump and his mixed signals to the regime of Kim Jong-UN,» writes the journalist of The Washington Post Anna Fifield.

«First and foremost, they are concerned about trump. They can’t understand him,» said a source knowledgeable about received from North Korea invites experts on Asia.

To better understand the intentions of the us in the absence of official diplomatic negotiations with the U.S. government, the North Korean mission to the UN invited Bruce Klingner, a former CIA analyst, now a leading expert of the Heritage Foundation on North Korea, to visit Pyongyang for negotiations, the article says.

The North Korean intermediaries are also associated with Flooring, Douglas, former examiner for Asia at the national security Council under presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. And Klingner, and Paul rejected the invitation, according to the journalist.

«The North Koreans clearly want to convey some information. But I think they are just interested to travel a bit, to go briefly out of the country,» said Paul.

«I personally believe that they are somewhat puzzled by the direction in which are moving from the US, so trying to find ways to test the waters in Washington, said Evans revere, a former state Department official. They had not seen such behavior of the USA».

Revere took part in a multilateral meeting with North Korean officials in the picturesque Swiss village of Glion at the beginning of this month together with the President of the Pacific forum Center for strategic and international studies Ralph Cossa, the newspaper reports.

«They look cocky as ever», said about the North Koreans Koss. Revere added: «They may be puzzled by our intentions, but they have a very clear your own intentions».

«They want to keep nuclear weapons, and they will return to dialogue only after the US abandons its «hostile policy.» They want the United States cease all military exercises and has removed them from all sanctions,» says Shin POM-Chul, the South Korean expert, who also participated in the meeting in Glion.

«Donald trump is lying so often and so brazenly that it’s easy to forget there are some political speculation, which did not invent it,» writes the publication, The Atlantic journalist Peter Beinart. For example, The New York Times declared that «the United States in recent months have repeatedly stated that can threaten [North Korea’s] pre-emptive military action». On Sunday, The Washington Post presented the results of his poll: «Two-thirds of Americans opposed pre-emptive military strike» on North Korea.

Beinart believes that in this case The New York Times and The Washington Post «his vocabulary only promote hypocrisy and insanity trump». He explains: «preemptive strike» is like to shoot the person who is going to grab the gun. And the White house mainly considering the idea of a «preventive» strike, not to allow Pyongyang to acquire weapons. This is just a shot in the one who goes to buy a gun or trying to shoot from a pistol in the dash.

According to Beinart, the situation is alarming, but there is little evidence that North Korea intends to launch a nuclear strike on the US or its allies, but these publications regularly referred to as «preemptive» of any potential American attack aimed at slowing or complete disruption of the North Korean nuclear program.

«Why are these lexical errors important? Because they build a norm that Americans once considered monstrous,» writes Beinart. According to him, at the dawn of the atomic era, American leaders believed a pre-emptive war is immoral and inconsistent with American principles. They preferred methods of containment against the Soviet Union and China.

«Probably, Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy would have been shocked to learn that in 2017 the American President, apparently believes that a preventive war is better than containment. And lexical ambiguities help to make this approach possible,» the author writes. How the NYT uses the term «preemptive strike», «help Trump issuing warnings that if North Korea just threatened US verbally, USA strike, fraught with the death of tens of thousands of people».

Western media quote «rocketeer» Kim: the misunderstanding of trump should not be fatal 27.09.2017

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