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Western media: Russia has found a way to continue the slaughter in Syria

The bloodshed in Eastern ghouta, was bombed by Syrian government forces with the support of Russia, is continuing, but weak resentment of the UN is not able to stop Putin in his determination to defend the Assad regime, according to the Western media. Russia blocked the adoption of UN security Council resolution of 30-day cease-fire in Syria. This is another fiasco demonstrates once again that the so-called «collective security» to the UN means no security at all, comment on the reviewers.

The carnage in Syria continues, but weak resentment of the UN is not able to stop Vladimir Putin in his determination to protect Bashar al-Assad, The Wall Street Journal writes in an editorial, commenting on the bombing of Eastern ghouta.

The UN Security Council on Thursday gathered to discuss the proposal of Sweden and Kuwait on 30-day cease-fire. It would take a vote on the resolution, but Russia is the last-minute proposed changes, the newspaper said.

«The Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov does not want the text extended to the group «Islamic state» and al-Qaida. But this is a loophole designed to allow Assad to bomb anyone from the opposition, calling them terrorists. Therefore, the countries of the United Nations remained the choice between voting for the approval of measures that will not stop the bombing, and the risk of a Russian veto,» — said in the article.

«Mark is another fiasco as another example of what Barack Obama liked to call «collective security.» In the UN it usually means no security at all» — sums up edition.

«Modes of cease-fire in Syria rarely means that violence is over — it just becomes less,» — emphasizes the journalist of The Times of Richard Spencer. But even then, they often serve to Assad: zones of de-escalation may have given a respite to civilians, but the winners were mostly Assad.

«This time it may be too late. Assad believes that he actually won the main part of the war,» writes The Times. Sooner or later he will be able to crush the remaining resistance, and it probably doesn’t matter much, if he will postpone the attack for 30 days — as provided for in the resolution on the truce.

However, if Assad refuses to abide by the truce, it is unlikely to cause the Kremlin more criticism than in the past. «Assad knows that Putin is too closely associated with its project to change course. He relied on the support of Russia to survive, but now that he’s survived, he’s not a puppet of Putin, and it is unclear who is pulling whose strings,» concludes The Times.

Russia blocked the adoption of the resolution on a truce in the Syrian conflict, proposed in the UN security Council, Sweden and Kuwait, according to the German Die Zeit.

In the result of air strikes by Syrian government forces supported by Russia in Eastern ghouta killed several hundred people, about 400 thousand civilians are surrounded by the city, the article says.

«Russian permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia called the draft resolution is far from reality and indicated that Russia will not give approval for the resolution in its current form», — says the publication.

According to the author of the publication, the German foreign Ministry was subjected to the harsh criticism of Russia in connection with the fact that Moscow is «protecting the Assad regime even against the gravest violations of international law.» According to the representative of the foreign Ministry of Germany, quoted by Die Zeit, «it is difficult to imagine that the members of the UN security Council failed to reach a unanimous decision (…), which would mean at least a temporary respite for the exhausted Syrians, primarily taken in the ring of civilians in Eastern ghouta, at the mercy of cruelty and subjected to incessant air strikes».

Vassily Nebenzia, for its part, accused the volunteers of «white helmets», in the dissemination of false information: a humanitarian organization, according to Russian Ambassador to the UN, holds a well-paid misinformation campaign to defame the Syrian government and its allies. According to him, in Eastern ghouta where thousands of militants, including those who cooperate with «al-Qaeda».

The official U.S. state Department spokesman Heather Nauert said that without Russia’s interference in Syria would not be destruction and killed. The situation, according to Nauert, suggests that the talks on Syria in Astana has crashed, reports the publication. Friday is a new debate on the resolution, the article says.

Western media: Russia has found a way to continue the slaughter in Syria 23.02.2018

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