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Western media: Russia tricked America into Syria

Russia is once again tricked the United States in Syria, writes The Washington Post: with the support of the Russian aviation government forces come in «zones of de-escalation» in Eastern ghouta and Idlib. Assad ruthlessly regains control of the country, and the West is likely to accept their weak position, says the NZZ. The fighting in Idlib threatened to disrupt Russia’s attempt to organize peace talks on Syria in Sochi, the NYT notes.

When Russia reached agreement on areas of de-escalation in Syria, President trump and his advisers have expressed optimism about the sincerity of the Russian President. «Now the administration is probably discovering as before opened the Obama administration, which is the word of Russia in Syria,» – said in an editorial to The Washington Post. With the support of the Russian aviation of the Syrian government forces are advancing in the areas of de-escalation in Eastern Guta, and Idlib.

«The tramp struggles to ignore a new bloodshed. Officials downplay the importance of the fighting in Idlib on the ground that this district is dominated by militant groups associated with «al-Qaeda». This explanation, which the Assad regime and Russia, the standard justification for violation of its previous commitments, it is highly convenient,» the article says.

Turkey indicates that the fighting involved units moderate «Free Syrian army». The refugees, these events are being driven in the direction of Turkey, are not terrorists, the newspaper writes.

If the attack is successful, Syria will be fixed not only Russia, but Iran. «The U.S. is at risk of again losing in Syria, conclude the authors. – The Assad regime ruthlessly trying to force to regain control over the whole country, and Moscow actively promotes this. Refusing to resist or at least protest against this brutal strategy, the administration trump reveals its own weakness».

«The offensive on the Idlib – it’s another slap in the face to the West and Turkey» as Turkey also had to guarantee the safety of rebels in the Syrian province, writes Christian Led, a journalist of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

«Obviously, the Assad regime now feels itself strong enough to dare and confrontation with Turkey,» the article says. If Ankara deems it necessary to prevent further attack mode, she’ll have to start a military confrontation, for example, to shoot down Syrian planes. But, apparently, this is only possible with the consent of Russia, which has always stood on the side of Assad, writes Led.

While Assad is confident of Russia’s support, «he will try by force to regain control of as many territories as possible, completely not taking into account the critical humanitarian situation of the civilian population,» says the author.

«When Assad would deal with the militias in Western Syria, he will likely offer the Kurds any form of autonomy. (…) The West, despite all the human suffering that has yet to be Syria probably will have to settle for his weak position. But deep down, the West will not be annoyed if Assad disappeared in Idlib by armed extremists», – concludes the author.

«On Thursday, the UN expressed concern about the increasing hostilities and destruction in the province of Idlib, the last major region of the country controlled by the rebels where attacks by Russia-backed Syrian forces have threatened the lives of tens of thousands of civilians,» reports The New York Times.

The attack on Idlib, drove more than 100 thousand people to leave these places because of security reasons since the beginning of December, said Advisor to the UN on the humanitarian situation in Syria, Jan Egeland.

«Egeland has not confirmed reports of some carrying out investigations into human rights activists that government forces and their allies attacked civilians and hospitals in Idlib, but, according to him, appear not to have taken any measures to avoid casualties among the civilian population», – is spoken in article.

And the Syrian and the Russian armed forces claim that they only attack fighters.

But, according to Egeland, at least two hospitals were damaged during nine attacks in Idlib and Eastern ghouta in the last eight days. International Agency in 2017 recorded more than 100 cases of attacks on medical facilities in Syria, he added.

Russia has repeatedly stated in recent months that she turns to military action in that country, «however, the attack on the rebels in Idlib, seems to suggest the opposite,» the newspaper writes.

«Aggressive Russian response in Idlib in part may reflect its anger at attempts to attack using armed drones Russian base in Syria last weekend» – suggest the authors. The Russian defense Ministry said that the drones were released by the rebels in Idlib.

Intensifying fighting in Idlib threatened to disrupt Russia’s attempt to organize a meeting of the opposing sides of the Syrian conflict in Sochi in the end of this month, the newspaper notes.

Western media: Russia tricked America into Syria 12.01.2018

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