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What do the Palestinians from five to nine in the evening. Review of Arab media

Belonging to the group «Hezbollah» channel «al-Manar» reports that employees of the Beirut International airport began to implement the decree of the President of the United States Donald trump on the prohibition of entry of citizens of seven Muslim countries. Departing from Beirut to USA airline received a circular letter.

The London newspaper «al-Hayat» qualifies the agreement under which control of the water sources in Damascus have moved to the regime of Bashar al-Assad of ethnic cleansing. According to the channel, the area of Wadi Barada leave not only the militants of the «Jabhat Fatah al-sham», but also to maintain their civilian population.

Egyptian newspaper «al-Masry al-yum» writes that the founder of the Salafi party «Raya» Hazm Salah Abu Ismail and another 17 people were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment for the massacre, arranged them in 2012 in the courthouse. Salafis beat the Prosecutor and judges to secure the release from detention of his supporters.

The TV channel «al Arabiya» talks about spreading in Syria rumors Bashar al-Assad suffered a stroke. Some even claim that he was assassinated. The «news» was picked up by several Arab media, but some of them then made a rebuttal.

News Agency Maan presents the results of studies showing that 56% of Palestinians use the social network Facebook. However, 60% use almost exclusively mobile platform and only 10% — only computers. The peak of activity in the networks from five to nine o’clock.

What do the Palestinians from five to nine in the evening. Review of Arab media

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