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What happened in the Israeli skies? Review of Arab media

The Lebanese newspaper «al-Diyar» writes that the airspace over the Central part of Israel, was closed July 3 for three hours in connection with the incident in the security sphere. This has led to disruption of flights. The FAA was quick to say that no incident was not, however, according to the publication, it is about trying to keep a secret. The question of what happened in the Israeli skies, remains open.

The TV channel «al Arabiya» reports on a telephone conversation with Saudi king Salman and U.S. President Donald trump. Published the press release was worded in General terms. Much greater interest was the phrase published by the President in the microblog: «I Spoke with the king, interesting things happen.»

Egyptian newspaper «al-Masry al-yum» he writes about the arrival in Cairo of the delegation of Hamas. The subject of the talks was the security on the border of Egypt and Gaza. The agreement was reached during the talks, the Egyptian representatives with the Hamas leadership about a month ago. The construction of the buffer zone in the South of the sector has already begun.

The weather remains one of the main themes of the Palestinian media. Published in East Jerusalem newspaper «al-Quds» reminds readers that one should avoid physical activity, not to go outside during the hottest hours, and drink a lot. Heat has caused cattle deaths and Husan died one of the residents. Also set a record electricity consumption.

Published in the Saudi newspaper «Okaz» draws attention to another problem associated with hot weather – tanks with hot water heated almost to the boiling water, and pipes with cold water flowing hot. The inhabitants of the Kingdom, decided to take a shower, it is recommended to do it early morning or late evening when the water cools down some.

What happened in the Israeli skies? Review of Arab media 04.07.2017

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