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What you need to know about insurance program «national insurance Siudi»

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«Saudi national insurance» is an insurance program under insurance, which is concluded through health insurance or through an insurance company, long-term care in the event of loss of ability to perform without assistance at least three everyday activities of the six (to dress/undress, bathe, move around, use the restroom, eat and drink, the ability to get out of bed and to sit on a chair independently). The insured pays monthly premiums, the amount of which depends on its age.

Upon the occurrence of the insured event, the insured is entitled to receive «the national insurance siudi» thousands of monthly compensation and exemption from the monthly payment of insurance premiums.

However, insurance companies do not always fulfill their obligations, and people are forced to seek the position of payments in the face of failure. But the refusal to pay compensation is not the final verdict! Turning to a specialist, you can achieve position you for the law of compensation, to avoid long delays and to save some nerves and energy.

Law firm «Meir Zohar and companions» specializiruetsya on the conduct of cases against insurance companies ( including which denied payment to the owners of insurance policy with various diseases and forced to be dependent on assistance). In the lawsuits, the law firm of Zohar works with a number of medical experts and experienced professionals in the field of orthopedics, geriatrics, rehabilitation, neurology, family medicine, pain medicine, and others. Our lawyers have experience in reading the «fine print» in insurance policies for long-term care and many won lawsuits against insurance companies.

With extensive experience and deep knowledge in matters of insurance, we also provide full legal support for those clients who come to us for the competent execution of documents and filling out forms when submitting requests for compensation from the insurance companies upon the occurrence of the insured event. It helps initially to avoid mistakes and gives you the opportunity to obtain all the entitlements.

An example of one of cases we win is if Shoshanna.

Here is her story. From Shoshanna was private insurance for long-term care («bituah side»), which was supposed to adequately provide for her when she can no longer cope alone and needs daily care.

Two years ago I began Shoshanna dementia (senile dementia), her functional status had deteriorated and she could no longer perform many everyday activities on their own. The son of Shoshanna himself appealed to the insurance company, in the hope that his mother will be able to put her payments. He filled in the necessary forms, the insurance company sent a nurse to check the status of his mother, and, in the end, the insurance company announced that it has the right to only a small portion of the monthly benefit, as there is «sufficient limitations», in accordance with the insurance policy.

The son of Shoshanna turned to a lawyer Meir Zohar, specializing in lawsuits for «national insurance siudi», and after reading the «small print» in the policy, she realized that the insurance company is trying to «earn» Shoshana, refusing to pay her what is necessary. Because when assessing the health status of Shoshanna, completely ignored the severe form of dementia in which she put the full amount of pension, as reflected in the insurance policy.

Attorney Meir Zohar, filed a lawsuit on behalf of Shoshanna, which she legally justified the fallacy of the arguments of the insurance company, and within two months from the date of filing the claim, an agreement was reached with the insurance company that Shoshanna will receive a total of 280,000 shekels in accordance with the policy.

The above example shows how important is experience, knowledge, lawyer, legal details of the insurance professional the ability to read the «fine print» in any document.

And most importantly, it is important to never give up and achieve what you deserve rightfully.

If your life is such a case, we strongly recommend to verify the right to compensation. Our staff is ready to answer any question concerning «the national insurance side».

Office hours: Sunday-Thursday, from 8:30 to 18:30.

For the purpose of the first meeting for consultation call: 03-5622772

Our website:

Meir Zohar was born in tel Aviv in 1994 he graduated from the law faculty of tel Aviv University and since 1995, began to practice law. Law firm «Lawyer of Meir Zohar and Partners» was founded in 1997. The main area of work is filing lawsuits against insurance companies in case of refusal of payments under policies of long-term care («side»). In 2001, in recognition of the magazine «a-Proclaim» («Lawyers»), the firm has won recognition and evaluation in the «List of the century» among the leading and reputable companies in the region demand compensation for damages.

What you need to know about insurance program «national insurance Siudi» 09.07.2017

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