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Why would Trump friendship Kim Jong-UN. Review of Russian media

US arming the world, and Russia is losing share in the arms market: the Stockholm Institute for peace studies (SIPRI) presented the statistics for arms exports over the last two five-year plan, wrote on Monday the newspaper «Kommersant».

It turned out that Russia’s share in this market has decreased over the past five years is 4% while the U.S. share grew by the same 4%. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced an «unprecedented and barefaced pressure» on countries wishing to acquire weapons from Russia. However, SIPRI experts believe that Washington’s attempts to slow down Russian projects developed in cooperation with other countries, has not yet managed to affect the statistics.

In the Saratov region destroyed by the members of the group preparing act of terrorism in the region and which security officials armed resistance, said on Monday the Federal security service of the Russian Federation.

According to the source, the terrorists, whose identities were not revealed, were in the car. During the chase they opened fire on pursuing their FSB and was destroyed.

The President of the United States Donald trump threatens to withdraw from nuclear deal with Iran, if the agreement will not be significant changes to what the us leader said during a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to «Russian newspaper» with reference to Israeli sources.
According to trump, the United Kingdom, France and Germany offer only «cosmetic changes» with which he strongly disagrees and will continue to insist on their vision of the problem in the negotiations with the representatives of these European powers. The details of the conversation with Netanyahu, Israeli officials said on condition of anonymity – at the White house and the office of the Prime Minister of the Jewish state refused to comment, clarifies the issue.

«The increase in gas prices can push the Ukrainians to the barricades» is the title of an article in «Nezavisimaya Gazeta». Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman believes that the country can reduce gas consumption by 2022 to 13 billion cubic meters to 18 billion cubic meters that used last year.
The international monetary Fund is convinced that Kiev is to raise gas prices for the population to thereby solve the problem of corruption and uneconomical fuel consumption. This was stated by the permanent representative of IMF in Ukraine Jost Longman, reports the portal

Russia at the request of Turkey has accelerated the contract to supply s-400, as reported by the Russian presidential aide for military-technical cooperation Vladimir Kozhin in interview to TV channel «Russia 24».
«The contract is signed, it is executed. The Turkish side has constantly expressed a desire to expedite his execution, there we found the best option, went to meet him, in order to speed up the execution of the contract» – quoted Kozhin news Agency «Interfax». The official also said that supplies of Russian weapons to Turkey to be launched in 2020.

«Why Donald trump wanted to be friends with Kim Jong-UN» – so titled article by Anton Fokin in the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda», which is the opinion of several experts. In particular, Sergey Toloraya, Director of the Center for Asian strategy of Russia of the Institute of Economics, believes that we should not expect from these negotiations quick results.

«If the meeting takes place, than I have serious doubts, then it will likely be a conversation about what generally talk. If all goes well, then many will begin talks to normalize relations, which will take many years. Fast the entire tangle of problems problems of the U.S. and the DPRK to solve the impossible.

In General, Americans have maneuvered themselves into a difficult situation of their inept policies. In the current circumstances a personal meeting, Kim Jong-UN and U.S. President will be seen as a significant foreign policy achievement of Pyongyang, in the DPRK, therefore, very interested in these negotiations,» – says the Russian expert.

Why would Trump friendship Kim Jong-UN. Review of Russian media 12.03.2018

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