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Wife gay left Russia, where they were threatened with physical violence

Russians Pavel Stocco and Eugene Wojciechowski, whose contracted abroad, the marriage is officially acknowledged by Russian officials, was forced to flee the country due to threats of physical violence. In their Moscow apartment also cut off electricity and Internet – these actions carried out by police officers in plain clothes.

About it writes on Tuesday, January 30, the British newspaper the Guardian.

Earlier this month Stocco and Wojciechowski formalized their relationship in Denmark, after which their status is registered in one of the Moscow registry office. The newspaper reminds that in Russia, gay marriages are not, however, the authorities are obliged to recognize those who are registered abroad.

Stocko posted a photo of the stamp in the passport to the Internet that has caused outrage in Russian social networks, and the infamous state Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov, the main fighter with a different sexual orientation, argued that this stamp has no legal effect, calling the latter-day spouses «smelly goat».

The interior Ministry after it announced that passport Stocco and Wojciechowski will be cancelled and their holders will be punished by a fine for damaging documents.

Stocco, a doctor by profession, told reporters that Internet users threatened to «rip his head off» while his mother gets phone calls with a threat to deprive her of work, if it will convince his son to reconsider.

The police blocked the exit from the apartment in which the living spouse, and does not allow as friends come to support them, as reported by members of the local LGBT community. Police also stated that it cannot guarantee the security of Stocco and Wojciechowski what they have seen as an open threat.

After that, the couple, on advice of counsel, returned the passport to the police, left Russia and had no comment.

Wife gay left Russia, where they were threatened with physical violence 30.01.2018

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