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Wikileaks: back in October, Erdogan intended to shoot down Russian aircraft

The website Wikileaks claims that in October 2015 the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan had the idea to shoot down the plane of Russian air force. This is confirmed by the publication on the social network Twitter, made popular in Turkey by the opposition blogger, known under the pseudonym Fuatnavni.

12 October 2015 Fuatavni said that Erdogan is afraid of defeat in the parliamentary elections. To increase the popularity of the government, he is considering to bring down a Russian plane.

The blogger regularly posts about what is happening in the upper echelons of power. With its publication began the corruption scandal of 2013. The investigation was terminated when investigators contacted the family of Erdogan.

Who is hiding under a pseudonym, is unknown, but it has numerous sources of information, and possibly himself included in the power structure. It is not excluded that Fuatavni is not one person but a whole group of authors.

At the same time, it should be noted that support Erdogan’s Party of justice and development in the November elections returned a majority of seats in Parliament. Thus disappeared the main reason, according to the blogger, it was necessary to shoot down the plane.

We will remind: on 24 November, the Turkish air force has shot down a Russian su-24 bomber. According to the Russian side, the plane was over Syria. Turkey provided evidence that the plane, despite numerous warnings, violated the country’s airspace.

Moscow demanded that Ankara apology and introduced sanctions against Turkey. The representatives of the Turkish leadership stated that sorry about the death of the pilot, but refused to apologize. The Turkish President also stated that he did not give the order to attack.

Wikileaks: back in October, Erdogan intended to shoot down Russian aircraft 06.12.2015

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