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WikiLeaks: Clinton was encouraged to dissociate themselves from Obama, referring to Israel

WikiLeaks continues the publication of letters coming to the address of John Podestà, the head of the electoral headquarters of the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton.

A week ago from this correspondence, it became known that the largest funders of the Democratic party agreed to support Clinton only in exchange for guarantees of Israel’s security.

Monday, October 24, was made public a letter that came in June 2015 from billionaire Haim Saban, one of the largest sponsors of the Democratic party, consistently support the state of Israel, says CNSnews.

Saban urged the Clinton headquarters to make a clear distinction between the position of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama against Israel, criticizing the current US President, but stressing the particular the friendly attitude of the candidate towards a Jewish and democratic state.

In his letter to Haim Saban noted that support for the Democratic party from the Jewish community in the US has declined markedly in recent decades: while in 1992 bill Clinton was supported by 80% of American Jews, in 2012 Barack Obama was supported by only 69% of American Jews (though in 2008, when he won the presidential election, he was supported by 78% of American Jews).

Then Saban listed a few items, the implementation of which would provide Hillary Clinton the return of the lost Jewish votes: consistently speak out against any manifestations of anti-Semitism and the BDS movement («Boycott, divestment, sanctions»), constantly talking about the readiness of the U.S. to ensure the security of Israel and to explore what other topics might be sensitive for the Jewish community. It was noted that special attention should be paid to the Jews of new York or California, but the Jews of Florida.

Also published a written discussion between representatives of the electoral headquarters of the Democratic party, which, in particular, has proposed in campaign speeches mentioning Israel in a number of other democratic countries which are fighting terrorism. However, at the initial stage of the election campaign some members of staff, Clinton talked about inappropriate mention of Israel during meetings with donors and voters if we are not talking about meetings with Jewish activists. However, speechwriter, Clinton offered a basic point of reference to Israel among the US allies, along with «other democracies.»

In the end, speaking in new York at the end of June 2015 a speech early in his election campaign, Hillary Clinton said: «I will confront such enemies, like Putin, and to strengthen cooperation with allies such as Israel. I was in the Situation room (the operational headquarters of the White house) to the day when we got bin Laden». Many political commentators this part of her statement, then seemed strange.

Soon the texts of the mission statements were adjusted and already in the beginning of July 2015, speaking to voters in new Hampshire, she talked more about the problems of Israel and acknowledged that the «nuclear agreement» with Iran does not negate either the aggressiveness of Tehran, nor the fact that Iran remains the main sponsor of terrorism. «They will continue to destabilize governments in the region and beyond. They will continue to use its proxies such as Hezbollah. And they will continue to pose an existential threat to Israel,» said Clinton. Then she said that Washington should not stop contacts with Moscow, despite all the existing problems in relations between the two countries. «We have to be smarter in how we behave towards Vladimir Putin and his ambitions. It’s hard with him. But I don’t think we have an alternative to permanent cooperation», – said Clinton six years ago.

Note that the headquarters of the Democrats received the recommendations of the Sabana at the time when he initiated large-scale international campaign against the anti-Israel BDS movement, working with the Sheldon Adelson – one of the main sponsors of the Republican party.

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WikiLeaks: Clinton was encouraged to dissociate themselves from Obama, referring to Israel 25.10.2016

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