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Wikileaks: Netanyahu asked Berlusconi to help to improve relations with Obama

Tuesday, February 23, on the website Wikileaks published more secret documents, according to which the us national security Agency (NSA) wiretapped conversations between the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and his Italian counterpart Silvio Berlusconi, and in one of those conversations, Netanyahu told Berlusconi about a sharp deterioration in relations between Israel and the USA and asked my Italian colleague to help him to establish relations with Barack Obama.

We are talking about a recording of a phone conversation between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Silvio Berlusconi in March 2010. According to a Wikileaks published report to the NSA, the Israeli Prime Minister explained in Italian that the tensions between Israel and USA is tied with the Israeli government’s decision to build 1600 housing units on disputed territories in the Jerusalem area. In a conversation with Berlusconi, Netanyahu insisted that this decision is a continuation of the state defined during the time Golda Meir.

According to the publication Wikileaks, Netanyahu also said Berlusconi that the tension between Israel and the United States compounded by the lack of direct contact between the head of the Israeli government and US President Barack Obama.

In response, Berlusconi promised to do everything possible to establish relations between Jerusalem and Washington.

Wikileaks: Netanyahu asked Berlusconi to help to improve relations with Obama 23.02.2016

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