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Will basely the Ratas charged with crimes against state security

Thursday, January 5, legal adviser to the government has charged to the Deputy of the Knesset Basely the Ratas (United Arab list). Initially it was about the fact that the prosecution will be brought only after a hearing, however, Deputy Ratas rejected the offers, claiming that he and his lawyers are not given sufficient time to prepare. After this it was decided to file charges, and a hearing to take place later, but before the trial began.

Knesset member accused of transferring to the prison documents to bypass the administration, prohibited the Deposit of the instrument, use of property for terrorist purposes, the betrayal of public trust and a public servant obtaining goods by illegal means when the aggravating circumstances.

The indictment States that Ratas had conspired with the relatives of terrorist Walid Daka, who is serving a sentence in prison «ktsiot». The Ratas were passed to be brought to jail 12 mobile phones, 16 sim cards, two chargers and one earphone.
He tried to smuggle into the prison hidden devices and additional documents, but were stopped by guards.

Shortly after filing the charges, the court decided to release Bases of Ratas from custody. This decision was taken despite the request of police to extend the term of house arrest Bases of Ratas for 30 days. Under the terms of the release, Ratas has no right to approach the objects under the jurisdiction of the security service prisons.

Once it became aware of the filing of the indictment against Bases of the Ratas, the party «Yesh Atid» has declared that is ready to sign the initiative of depriving the MP of his mandate. Sources in «Yesh Atid» has reported that the promises previously given by the party. «We said from the beginning that will sign the initiative for the removal of Ratas from the Knesset, if against him will be served the indictment. This is how we will proceed», — explained in «Yesh Atid».

January 2, the ethics Committee decided to suspend for six months the Knesset Bases of Ratas from all parliamentary activities. In accordance with the decision of the Commission, Deputy Ratas for six months will not be able to participate in the work of the commissions and in plenary meetings. At the same time, he will be able to participate in voting, because the deprivation of such powers is not the prerogative of the ethics Committee. The Deputy Basel Ratas, who is under house arrest, said: «This is a political decision dictated by vindictiveness. Such a decision was never taken against any of the deputies against whom was conducted the criminal investigation.

Will basely the Ratas charged with crimes against state security 05.01.2017

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