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Withdraws troops from Syria Iran no longer oppose the departure of Assad

Iran decided to support Russia in all matters of peaceful settlement of the Syrian civil war, reported Reuters news Agency. According to commentators, this increases the chances for the resignation of Bashar al-Assad.

So far Russia and Iran have rejected the possibility of resignation of Bashar al-Assad, except as a result of national elections in Syria.

However, Western sources have recently claimed that Russia did not oppose the departure of Assad in the peace process.

After the meeting with President of Russia Vladimir Putin with the Supreme leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Moscow and Tehran have agreed to pursue a common line on Syria. The Iranian side has described these talks as very successful.

The Iranian source said that the Syrian people must decide their own destiny, and if the Syrians will vote for the resignation of the President, he will have to leave. However, Tehran considers it a priority to end the war.

Western countries are still strongly insisted on the resignation of the Syrian leader, accusing him of numerous war crimes, but recently agreed to his staying in power during the transition period.

It should be noted that the UN Security Council on Friday, December 18, unanimously adopted a resolution in support of the «road map» of the process of peaceful settlement of the conflict in Syria.

The document calls on the Secretary-General «as soon as possible, tentatively in the beginning of January 2016», to gather the Syrian sides to the negotiating table, which will be conducted on the basis of the Geneva communiqué and the decisions of the International support group Syria (MGPS). As soon as the parties to the conflict «will begin the first steps in the implementation of political transition» in Syria should enter into force a truce.

The resolution expresses support to the political process, whose aim must be the establishment of a transitional government for six months and not later than 18 months «free and fair elections» in accordance with the new Constitution. To participate in the elections should be allowed «all Syrians, including members of the Diaspora».

The document does not mention President Bashar al-Assad, the question of the future of which continues to be a stumbling block.

Note also that Iran has changed its position amid reports of Syrian units of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, which suffered high losses in battles against Syrian rebels

Withdraws troops from Syria Iran no longer oppose the departure of Assad 19.12.2015

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