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Women with many sex partners, not in danger of oral cancer

The results of studies conducted by epidemiologists of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, indicate that a large number of sexual partners reduces the risk of women getting cancer of the mouth and throat.

On this work, researchers said at the annual meeting of the American Association for the advancement of science, writes 14 February, the newspaper The Daily Mail.

The researchers explained that this type of cancer is associated with human papillomavirus, HPV, which in most cases are sexually transmitted. They also noted that men, especially Caucasians of middle age, suffer from this disease twice as often than women, and their risk of getting cancer increases with the number of partners.

This paradox, scientists explain the fact that women with many sexual partners, become infected with HPV vaginal method, and the body has time to develop immune protection against oral infection. Immune system men, the reported work differently

Earlier it was reported that data collected by the experts of the world health organization (who), indicate that oral sex increases the risk of cancer of the oral cavity and throat previously considered to be mainly a result of Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

However, medical statistics in recent years show a connection to oral sex and infection with human papillomavirus (HPV) – the causative agent of several infections of the genitals

The researchers concluded that oral sex is the main way of infection of the anus, cervix and the oral cavity and throat of the HPV virus attacking the skin and moist membranes.

The article notes that HPV is not a direct trigger of cancer, however, it launches the related processes in cells, leading to the appearance of malignant tumors.

The researchers also noticed that oral sex was twice as dangerous for men than for women, and cunnilingus is a greater threat to health than fellatio.

The who reports that each year cancer of the mouth and throat sick about 500,000, and in two thirds of cases the disease is diagnosed at late stages when it has already invaded the lymph nodes. Every year from the disease 150.000 people die, those who survive suffer from complications that arose during treatment.

Women with many sex partners, not in danger of oral cancer 14.02.2016

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