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Women’s jewelry, forgotten in the kitchen Crusader. Mystery of modi’in

The antiquities authority is conducting excavations at located in modi’in hill Titura. In the excavation involved volunteers and students every day here comes a class to touch the past of their city.

About 900 years ago, in the era of the Crusades, the fortress, who had important strategic value. It controlled the main road from the coast to Jerusalem, dominating above the fertile valleys.

«Students and volunteers conduct excavations in the courtyard of the fortress. When the crusaders there were pockets where they prepared the food, and stone oven in which they baked bread», – says the head of the excavation Abraham tandler.

According to him, the findings indicate a varied diet of the inhabitants of the castle. Archaeologists and their assistants come across bones from olives, animal bones, the remains of beans and grapes. Were found here and jewelry – rings, earrings, hair pins, made of bronze and silver.

Mati Yuhananov, volunteer, on account of which most of the finds, notes that local women obviously care about the beauty – because the castle was also found cosmetic accessories and bracelets.

Under the Foundation of the fortress during the crusaders discovered a large building Dating from the era of Roman rule. Such a density of cultural layers is not surprising – after all, the first settlement on the hill appeared about 6,000 years ago, during the Chalcolithic.

Excavations carried out with the assistance of the municipality of modi’in. When completed there will be opened an archaeological Park.

Women’s jewelry, forgotten in the kitchen Crusader. Mystery of modi’in 20.06.2017

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