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Work on the Sabbath on the railroad led to the coalition crisis. Comments

Monday, June 19, the fraction of «yaadut Torah» and SHAS announced they weighed the opportunity to withdraw from the government coalition in connection with work on the railway, which are held on the Sabbath. For comments edition addressed to the head of the faction of SHAS Deputy Yoav Ben-DvGa.

«We are not threatening. At this stage we are seeking a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which should put an end to the weekly public violation of the Sabbath, – the Deputy said Ben-Tzur. – We do not believe that Israel should be a state in which the working day lasts 24 hours and the working week is 7 days. Instead be with your family on Shabbat, people are forced to work because someone is looking for easy ways to solve problems. There is no need to carry out work on Shabbat, this can be done, for example, at night. Yes, this will somewhat slow down the implementation of projects, but the preservation of the «Jewish entity» of Israel and the right of workers to output, not less important.»

According to Yoav Ben-Zur, work on Shabbat are held in many parts of the railway: «we are not Talking about any one project, where we could talk about the exception. No, it has become the norm with which we are not prepared to put up with. For example, on the last Shabbat of the work was done, if my memory serves me, in Beersheba and several other places. Can not continue».

Ben-Tzur refused to answer the question, who is ultra-Orthodox factions blame in this situation. «The Ministry of transport commissioned work, the Ministry of labor and social Affairs issues permits, «Rakevet Israel» carries out projects. Everyone shifts responsibility to another. The Prime Minister should sit in his office of Minister of transport and Minister of social security and to explain to them that on the Sabbath the work shall not be performed. I want to remind you that the value of the Sabbath was understood in this country always and everything, even the founding fathers of Israel that were not religious people,» – said the head of the SHAS faction in the interview with our correspondent.

We will remind that the conflict within the coalition about the work, which carries on Shabbat company «Rakevet Israel,» broke in the fall of 2016 and nearly led to the dismissal of Minister of transport Yisrael Katz. «Then an agreement was reached according to which no work, except the absolutely necessary, be held on the Sabbath will not. But gradually this agreement has ceased to operate. Another project, another station and everything was back to normal. So can not continue. This time we demand guarantees of compliance with the agreement,» – says Yoav Ben-Tzur.

Our interlocutor rejected the allegation that we are talking about the crisis: «We do not seek the collapse of the coalition. This government is doing important things in the social sphere, but must be followed by the coalition and other agreements. If Netanyahu will give us a guarantee that this will be the call to order of the Ministry of transport and works, there are no prerequisites for a crisis. This government can survive the entire allotted time. But if the agreement will not be complied with, then there is nothing left but to bring this issue to the Council of Torah sages, who will make the decision».

Yoav Ben-Tzur noted that on this issue, SHAS and «yaadut Torah» cooperating with some deputies from the party «Bayt Yehudi». «I’m not sure that everything is supporting us, but we know that some members share our position,» said Yoav Ben-Tzur. He added that he is currently meeting with the Prime Minister is not appointed.

From the press service of the Ministry of transport gave the following: «the Ministry of transport ordered all subordinate companies to strictly adhere to the status quo. The General Director of the Ministry of transport Keren Turner-Eyal held a meeting with Knesset members from the SHAS party, at their request. At the meeting, held with the participation of representatives of the railway Administration of Israel («Israel Rakevet»), MPs were provided with all necessary information. As you know, the Ministry of transport is irrelevant to the issuance of permits for construction and repair works. For regulatory approvals of the company apply to the Ministry of labor and social welfare, and decisions on this issue adopted at the level of the Agency. We will remind that earlier the High court of justice (the court) ruled that the Prime Minister and the Minister of transport has no powers to intervene in these issues.»

From the Ministry of labour and social welfare received the following comment: «Under current law, it is forbidden to employ people to work in a weekly day of rest. For Jews, this weekend is the Sabbath, not the Jews have the opportunity to choose between Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Minister of labour has the right to issue a special permit to work during the weekend if he is convinced that the cessation of work for the legitimate travelers can harm state security, personal security of citizens or their property, the process, the needs of society and its individual components, and in that case, if it can be harmed the economy. After receiving the requested professional office of the Ministry was checking her with all the attention and delicacy required, in particular with the aim to reduce the number of Jews working on Shabbat. So, the Ministry always acted, and the way it operates now.»

The Ministry of labor and social Affairs refused to provide information on the number of permits issued for works company «Rakevet Israel» and to answer the question, have you changed this number in recent months.

The press service of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to comment on the issue.

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Work on the Sabbath on the railroad led to the coalition crisis. Comments 20.06.2017

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