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Worst cars of 2017. List

The authoritative American magazine Consumer Reports published a list of the worst cars of 2017 in ten different segments.

In compiling a list of experts models were awarded points according to various criteria. In particular, they considered results of test drives, potential reliability, owner reviews and safety, including the results of the crash tests.

Worst cars of 2017 according to the version of Consumer Reports

Worst subcompact car: Mitsubishi Mirage

The lowest rating in its class, the Mitsubishi Mirage received a strong engine vibration, lack of power and poor interior, «seemingly cheap», writes

Worst compact electric/hybrid car: Mitsubishi i-MiEV

The i-MiEV electric vehicle experts have called the «immature, slow, clumsy and stiff», and its cabin is «plebeian». In addition, was marked by a modest reserve with a fairly long charging batteries.

Worst compact car: Fiat 500L

Increased Fiat 500 was criticized for rigidity, flat seats, and odd driving position high enough level of reliability and not the best results of the crash tests. As the magazine notes, many owners of this car regretted the purchase.

Worst mid-size sedan: Chrysler 200

Model disappointed professionals work a four-cylinder engine, a transmission, a low level of reliability, clumsy controls, cramped rear row and the discomfort during landing.

Worst compact pickup: Toyota Tacoma

The car was called insufficiently reliable, «primitive», with stiff suspension, heavy handling, high level of noise in the cabin and inconvenient landing of the driver.

Worst mid-size crossover: Dodge Journey

Cons Journey began low reliability, lack of maneuverability, «voracious» V6 engine, and the results of crash tests with frontal impact.

Worst available premium car: Mercedes-Benz CLA

Professionals edition and liked the engine, too stiff suspension and a high level of noise in the cabin. The interior itself is named cramped, and the access to the interior is difficult. In addition, there is low reliability and deceptive with prices starting from excluding many options, which should be in the premium model.

Worst premium mid-size sedan: Maserati Ghibli

The model was criticized for low reliability, «greedy» engine, stiff suspension, cramped back row and inconveniences when boarding/disembarking.

Worst compact premium crossover: Land Rover Discovery Sport

In this case, was called unsatisfactory work of the engine, transmission and suspension and steering control when driving on normal roads. The compilers of the list also did not like the multimedia system (slow reactions) and the interior (too simple for this class). In addition, Consumer Reports have expressed serious concern about the reliability of the model.

Worst luxury crossover SUV: Cadillac Escalade

The car deserve a bad rating because of the lack of smoothness compared to rivals, not a very comfortable salon with large external dimensions, which are too low second row seats and cramped third row, and also due to complicated multimedia system and a low level of predicted reliability.

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Worst cars of 2017. List 13.03.2017

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