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Yair Lapid: «In politics I’ve met more criminals than in my entire life»

Thursday, June 22, at the annual Herzliya conference was made by the leader of the opposition party «Yesh Atid» Yair Lapid.

He said that the party «Yesh Atid», unlike the government, have a clear plan of action. Lapid criticized the behavior of public figures and politicians, who, he said, «has lost the shame and basic human qualities.»

«Over the past five and a half years in politics, I met more violators and criminals than in my entire life. Knesset members insult each other, accuse of various sins, while not having any evidence. Against the Ministers and heads of government being criminal investigation. Close to the Prime Minister suspected of corruption violations. What is happening in the higher echelons of power, just doesn’t make sense. Yes, earlier too there was corruption, but in a different scale. And people are at least ashamed of it. Today, instead of shame, we see attacks and threats. The legislative process turned into a machine of insults. Over the past two years, there were many laws which are legally unenforceable and in which there is not the slightest sense. These laws have one goal: to provoke and create headlines in the media», – quotes speech Lapid press service of the «Yesh Atid».

According to Lapid, politicians to sow divisions and discord in Israeli society, guided solely by personal interests. «The government does not think about the harm that is causing the country and Israeli society by his behavior. The last two or three years, the government systematically continues to divide society, instead of having to create a work plan for the years ahead. Does anyone know how the government plans to reduce social inequality? What the government have any plan to improve the law enforcement system? The plan for the Gaza strip? They have no plan. The Prime Minister has no plan and never will. And we have. Because we are dealing with and not offend others,» said Lapid.

«We have prepared a clear program «7 points» in which all spelled out: the concept of security, change the system of government, the strengthening of law enforcement system, fight against corruption, economic aspects, development of education and science, the subject of religion. On this program we worked for two years, counted, registered and thought through every detail. It has everything from «how to facilitate the access to the labour market of men from ultroortodoksalnym sector and Arab women» program to the «Nachshon» which was created with the purpose to change the law enforcement system. From creating a new system of Israeli propaganda to the law on military-political office. Our program applies to all – and assistance to socially weak groups of population, and help young people and residents of the periphery. If anyone has additional ideas, we will listen,» said the leader of the party «Yesh Atid».

Lapid called as soon as possible to complete the investigation against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: «the Prime Minister is at the centre of a criminal investigation that stretches endlessly. Responsible for the investigation act as if their time is limited. They have no time. Or inform us about his innocence, or indict, but anyway finish the trial! People close to the Prime Minister, got millions in the case of «fraud on the tender with submarines». No one even tries to deny this, we are accustomed to. Corruption appears to us to be a part of our daily life. For five and a half years in politics I’ve met more convicted felons than in my entire previous life. Untried and corruption have always existed, but before them, at least, was ashamed. Today they attack in response».

Yair Lapid: «In politics I’ve met more criminals than in my entire life» 22.06.2017

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