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Yair Lapid: «In secular schools not religious brainwashing»

On Tuesday, July 4, the head of the party «Yesh Atid» Yair Lapid spoke at the conference of the newspaper «Makor Rishon». The speech was in the form of a public interview Lapid gave political editor of the Second channel ITV Amit see Segal.

In his speech, Lapid rejected the talk about «religious brainwashing», supposedly taking place in secular schools. «Talking about it is nothing more than an attack of irrational fear of one part of society over another,» said Lapid. He added: «the fact that my children graduated from high school and have not read a single page of the Talmud is outrageous.»

Speaking about his foreign policy platform, Lapid reiterated that becoming Prime Minister, he will seek to separate from the Palestinian Arabs. «When the Palestinians would fulfil all our requirements in security, recognize our right to self-determination, waive the requirements to give refugees the right of return, recognize the indivisibility of Jerusalem, we will be ready for the heavy step of the dismantlement of settlements», — said the head of «Yesh Atid». He stressed that this will only happen once the second party has proved the ability to perform its obligations. «The chance that in the next 10-15 years will be the destroyed villages, which is extremely low», — he said. The leader of the «Yesh Atid» also stressed that rejects the concept of unilateral steps and to take them is not going to.

The head of «Yesh Atid» also said he did not intend to hold primaries in his party in the near future. «Primaries in the form in which they exist in Israel, breed corruption», — he said.

Yair Lapid: «In secular schools not religious brainwashing» 04.07.2017

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