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«Yediot Ahronot»: the family of immigrants is not accepted in the village of Kedumim because of the marriage, in Prague

Sunday, June 4, Telem Yahav reports in the newspaper «Yediot Ahronot» that the admissions of the settlement of Kedumim was refused admission for couples of immigrants from the former Soviet Union. According to the publication, admission was denied on the basis that the young people were married in Prague.

According to published information, Margaret and Alexander immigrated to Israel 17 years ago. They got married seven years ago and lived in Petah Tikva.
According to «Yediot Ahronot», after the young people decided to move to Kedumim, they found a house, negotiated the terms of his purchase, but the selection Committee denied them, citing the fact that their marriage was contracted in Prague, and therefore they are not married according to Jewish law.

This story has drawn sharp criticism from some politicians. Knesset member Constantine Razvozov («Yesh Atid») has demanded an urgent meeting of the Knesset’s internal Affairs in connection with what he called a «blatant case of discrimination couples of Russian-speaking immigrants who were not allowed to settle in the village of Kedumim just because they got married in Prague, and not through the Rabbinate».

According to the Deputy Razvozov, this is another clear case of religious discrimination against the Russian-speaking Israelis: «Despite the fact that these people perform all their civic duty, serve in the army, pay taxes, they feel like second-class citizens in their own country.

The request to convene an extraordinary meeting of the Knesset’s internal Affairs has put forward the Deputy of the Yulia Malinovskaya (NDI). The Deputy of the NDI pointed out that this is not the first outrageous boorish and frankly discriminatory attitudes bureaucratic structures of Israel to the immigrants from the former USSR. But, according to her, the decision of the admissions Committee of the settlement of Kedumim refusal Margarita and Alexander the right to purchase this village house on the grounds that they, say, did not register their marriage in the Rabbinate – stands out even against this background.

«Such an outrageous attitude to the citizens of the state contrary to all moral and legal standards. It can not go unpunished. In addition to examining this outrageous case at an emergency meeting of the Commission on internal Affairs, I turn to the head of the local Council of the settlement of Kedumim with the requirement immediately to understand what happened,» — said Yulia Malinovskaya.

Knesset member Ksenia Svetlova («Zionist camp») called this case «outrageous display of racism». «There are settlements of people who believe that laws are written not for them, that they are above the law and can ignore the existing rules and regulations. A young couple of immigrants were married in Prague. They are known in the interior Ministry of Israel, are spouses in accordance with all existing in the country laws. There is a gross invasion of privacy and discrimination. Many citizens of Israel entered into a marriage in the Rabbinate, and they are full members of the society, build their lives and homes in the country, work for the benefit and prosperity of Israel. And are patriots, no less than those who deny them, done illegally, I think, right to your house. I wish young people to build their warm sturdy house in our country, in a place where they will be happy and friendly,» — said the Deputy.

«Yediot Ahronot»: the family of immigrants is not accepted in the village of Kedumim because of the marriage, in Prague 04.06.2017

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