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Yiddish for dogs: Pets help the Jews to keep the forgotten language

In Central Park in new York are the lessons of Yiddish, which are dog owners with their Pets, writes The Times.

The local Jewish community organized sessions, «Yiddish for dogs» in an effort to preserve the language in the memory of many Jews represented no more than three or four words, heard once, «my grandmother». To hear Yiddish only in neighborhoods where the ultra-Orthodox. To change this situation, the organizers of the class «Yiddish for dogs» invited members of the Jewish community to remember the language of his childhood while mentoring some words of their Pets.

The classes are instructor-trainer Miguel Rodriguez and an expert on Yiddish Adrian silver. Silver reminds dog owners like the sound of the basic commands in Yiddish, and Rodriguez shows how to teach the dog to perform them.

«Before, I didn’t have anyone to speak Yiddish, and now I can speak it with my dog,» said one of the students of the silver, the 67-year-old Amanda Devon.

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Yiddish for dogs: Pets help the Jews to keep the forgotten language 22.09.2017

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