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Ynet: Egyptian military aircraft violated the border with Israel near Sinai

The Ynet website and the newspaper «Yediot Ahronot» write that in recent months, Egyptian military aircraft violated the air border of Israel, acting in the area of Sweida Sheikh and El-Arish.

This information is not yet confirmed and is not commented by official sources, although some cited other Israeli and foreign media.

In the message Ynet and «Yediot Ahronot» (author Yoav Zeitun) emphasizes that we are talking about the first cases of violation of air borders of Israel, Egyptian military aircraft after the Yom Kippur War of 1973.

Recall that in November 2011, the Egyptian military Mi-8 helicopter violated the airspace of Israel from the Sinai. The Egyptians later claimed that it is pilot error. But for the last 42 years Egyptian military aircraft, if the information is Ynet and «Yediot Ahronot» is correct, for the first time invade the air space of Israel.

The Egyptian military coordinated their operation in the Sinai with the Army command of defence of Israel. The presence of Egyptian military aviation and heavy armored vehicles is coordinated by Cairo to Jerusalem, in accordance with the current peace Treaty.

Israel is interested in the Egyptian military managed to establish control over the entire territory of the Sinai Peninsula and to neutralise the militants of various terrorist groups, especially «wilayat Sinai» associated with the «Islamic state».

The army of Egypt in the fight against terrorist groups in Sinai, using helicopters, fighter jets and unmanned aircraft.

Earlier, the Israeli defense Minister Moshe ya’alon and the head of a military-political staff at the Ministry of defence the General-the major of a stock Amos Gilad has informed that in the Golan heights were cases of aerial violations by Israel of Russian military aircraft operating in Syria. Gilad explained that «through coordination, agreement on which was reached at the meeting between Netanyahu and Putin, as well as due to agreements between commanders of the two armies, in such cases, the situation is not exacerbated». Ya’alon was referring to the only such incident:
according to him, one of the aircraft flew into Israeli air space at about 1 mile from the border with Syria in the Golan heights, with the pilot radioed in, and the aircraft returned to Syria.

Ynet: Egyptian military aircraft violated the border with Israel near Sinai 16.12.2015

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