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«You put thousands of shekels». Interview with Igor Labmorgan, «Law and Finance»

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Head of Department of tax consultants in «Law and Finance» (זכויות ופיננסים) Igor Lemberg in an interview with stated that, according to statistics, more than a million Israelis to an income tax refund. According to him, in total we are talking about roughly 9 billion shekels and the amount of the tax refund to an individual citizen, to whom such a return is expected, is from 8,000 to 15,000 shekels.

What is the purpose in your company has created a Department for maintenance of Russian-speaking citizens?

The fact that Russian-speaking Israelis who immigrated during the last few decades, in contrast to native Israelis – both Jews and Arabs care little about the tax refund. In this they are similar to representatives of the Ethiopian community.


It’s hard to say, I’m used to dealing with facts and results. I can assume that native Israelis from childhood accustomed to the formula, «I allowed.» But many immigrants believe that when the state takes the money, it is in order, but it is difficult to believe that legally to citizens in certain cases, and put the money back.

And how can they help?

The aim of our Department is to inform Russian citizens about how tax refund they can expect. In families of Russian-speaking immigrants often are working and the husband and wife, both paying taxes, both often change jobs – in this situation often put the tax return.

Are your services paid?

Of course. We charge a percentage of that refund. Income tax refund is a complex process, effectively everything can be done with the help of a tax attorney. The process takes three to four months, and this is the cost of office salaries, advertising, etc.

You take in advance?

Yes, take. Another way is simply impossible. For several months the experts have to check whether applicants entitled to a tax refund and how much refund is owed. This work must be paid. Thus we are insured against customers who call in hoping to get something, it’s not fair to answer the questions, and then disappear.

We are interested in serious customers who cooperate with us, provide us with reliable information. Such people we help.

Is it possible to know in advance on my tax refund or not?

No. 100% guarantee to answer this question we can about a month after you start working with customer data, when you have already created accurate annual reports for the entire period for which we ask for a refund.

That is, the client has to pay without being sure that you will help him?

Not quite. We built the simulator checks the factors on which you put the income tax refund. We only work with people who fully pass through the simulator and have a high chance of receiving a refund.

According to our estimates, a person passing through such a simulator, the chances of tax refund amounts to 94%.

After answering the questions of the simulator is also an interview with our Russian-speaking expert to determine the approximate size of the amount for which he can count.

We undertake the work only if we are talking about significant amounts of return. It is in our interests.

Pass the simulator company «Law and Finance» to check your chances of a tax refund

«You put thousands of shekels». Interview with Igor Labmorgan, «Law and Finance» 28.06.2017

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