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Zaur Dadaev: «I’m not stupid enough to commit a crime right in front of the Kremlin»

Zaur Dadaev, one of five defendants in the case of Boris Nemtsov recognized last week found guilty in «murder-for-hire» Russian opposition leader, gave an interview to a member of the Public monitoring Commission of Kogershin Segueway, which claimed he was tortured, manipulated the jury, and the Chechen authorities to protect him in court was not allowed «status».

About it writes on Sunday, July 2, the website of the TV channel «Rain».

«I am nothing. Brought beaten in Lefortovo. I was electrocuted, tortured – Protocol dictates that detained the 5th, and delivered on 7 March, where do you think I was for two days?» – leads edition of the words of the defendant.

Dadaev said that sitting «for the most notorious crime you didn’t commit» and criticizes the jury: «They pushed, and something understood, was removed. I believe in Allah, all that happens is punishment, maybe I sinned too. Maybe I had cows graze and not 11 years old can run around the woods, to defend Russia. Sitting here for the biggest crime you didn’t commit, a jury reached a verdict. They pushed through, and everyone who understand something, removed. And not you think it suspicious that they thought? What is there to think? 26 questions».

Note that on the day of the verdict, from a hall have removed two jurors, a guilty Dadaeva and his associates recognized by ten votes against two.
«If I committed this crime in the name of Allah, the first would be confessed, but confession I have given under torture. I was told that I’m not going out, my friend was killed during the arrest. And my friends-brothers itself stipulated,» says the Chechen.

Recall that mid-April, the newspaper «Kommersant» published a video and a transcript of confessions Dadaeva, from which he later withdrew.

Dadaev describes the circumstances of the shooting: «You watch the video carefully, there I’m nervous, it shows. There on the reverse side in the doorway stood a masked men».

He also said that «did not communicate» with the authorities of Chechnya – neither Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechnya or Ruslan Eremeev: «Yes, I served in the battalion «North», but was awarded the Order of courage for me not him, and the President of Russia. But the Chechen authorities could come to court and say that I was not sent, but the status is probably not allowed. Understand, I am an officer, I’m not stupid to commit this crime right in front of the Kremlin. I was in the military, but at the moment of detention already quit. I wrote applications in Prosecutor’s office, the Commissioner for human rights to the proceedings were fair, but nothing is impossible to achieve, writing back to my investigator.

As previously reported, on June 29 in the Moscow district military court jury announced its verdict in the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov. Zaur Dadaev and four other defendants were found guilty and not deserving indulgence. Dadaev, according to investigators, fired six bullets in the back Nemtsov when he was walking on Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge. Guilt Dadaev did not recognize.

On the same day, the protection of defendants in the case about the murder of Boris Nemtsov said about the falsification of a guilty verdict of the jury: «there had Been falsified. Petty officer during the announcement of the verdict is not announced, «Yes, proven» in the fifth question of guilt Anzor Gubashev, these words she did not speak, we immediately noticed it was made after the announcement,» – told reporters lawyer mark Kaverzin, showing reporters a questionnaire.

Anzor and Shadid Gubareva participated in the planning of surveillance Nemtsov and watched his murder from the car ZAZ Chance; Temirlan Eskerkhanov, along with surveillance provided accomplices and helped them to escape from Moscow, and Khamzat was involved in gathering information about the Germans, transported criminals in his car and provided temporary housing in the Moscow region in the period leading up to the murder.

Zaur Dadaev: «I’m not stupid enough to commit a crime right in front of the Kremlin» 02.07.2017

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