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Zeev, Sternhell right calling Israel fascist. Review of Arab media

The TV channel «al Arabiya» reported that humanitarian convoys of the UN are on the border of the enclave of Eastern ghouta, to immediately provide assistance to its residents. However, the resolution of the Security Council requiring a 30-day truce, remains unfulfilled. The head of the UN humanitarian agencies mark Lowcock notes that in other parts of Syria, which became the scene of hostilities, the situation is even worse.

The London newspaper «al-Hayat» quoted the statement of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, according to which Tehran intends vast responsibility for the security of the Strait of Hormuz connecting the Persian Gulf with the Indian ocean. According to him, the action is in the interests of all States in the region. He also thanked Russia for its veto in the UN Security Council.

The Hamas website «Palestinian information center» says an article published in the newspaper Le Monde, the Israeli political scientist Zeev Sternhell. The site States that the scientist is absolutely right in calling Israel a fascist state, and comparing it with Germany after Hitler came to power. The site notes that Israeli commentators, the publication angered to the core.

The newspaper «al-Masri al-yum» writes that since February of 2018, Egypt and Ukraine will connect the four weekly flights. Ukrainian tourists can visit Cairo, Luxor, Aswan. According to the publication, their special interest will be the Grand Egyptian Museum, which will open in the coming months. According to the publication, in 2017, Egypt was visited by 750.000 Ukrainian tourists.

Zeev, Sternhell right calling Israel fascist. Review of Arab media 01.03.2018

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