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Zohar-«Shorashim» – grant assistance for marriage at the Rabbinate

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The President of Israel Reuven Rivlin sent a letter to the members of the Association, Zohar on the work of the project «Shorashim» of the Association, Zohar. He writes that in historical perspective, the Jewish people have always had a high level of brotherhood, unity and mutual assistance.

However, 2000 years in the Diaspora outside the country and many Jewish families had lost formal contact with their roots. This is one of the main reasons for the relevance of the project, Zohar-«Shorashim» for rendering assistance to repatriates and their children in the passing of procedure of confirmation of Jewish origin for registration of marriage in the Rabbinate, the restoration of roots and an unbroken chain, linking different generations of Jews.

In «Shorashim» treat immigrants and their children, who came from countries where they were destroyed Jewish communal life. Countries, where many Jewish families for one reason or another have lost their family ties and the documents, which were not community-based of the book of registration of marriage and births.

Came on the past century of war and revolution that caused mass migration in addition to the overall picture, and many archives and documents were lost or burned, or were deliberately destroyed or hidden by the Jews themselves in order to escape from anti-Semitism and persecution.

Today the majority of Jewish people live in Israel, in our country every year is more than 40,000 marriages, and new families. However, often, it is in this joyful moment when a wedding and the guests invited and it is like for small – to register at the Rabbinate and the confirmation of «the Jews» in rabbinical court, it turns out that it is impossible to collect all the necessary marriage documents. Therefore, it is invaluable for the timely professional help of the staff of the centre «Shorashim» in Association», Zohar», for 10 years, helping Israeli newlyweds in search of the missing documents and the procedure of confirmation of Jewish origin before marriage.

Even if people come in «Shorashim»-Zohar said, has absolutely no supporting documents, but I am sure their Jewish origin, the Center staff will do everything possible to help him. Swout main task of employees of the Association to help Jewish immigrants to confirm their Jewishness.

Thousands of immigrants from Russia and former Soviet countries have already received effective and free assistance from the staff of the «Shorashim»-Zohar.

In its work, the Center «Shorashim»-Zohar relies on the support of the office of the Prime Minister of Israel and charities. Ask for help in Zohar-Shorashim really just need to call 02-6242206 to the Central office in Jerusalem and you will have a meeting in one of the public receptions, which are open in six cities of Israel.

The leadership of the Association, Zohar expressed gratitude to the President of Israel for the high rating he gave the project «Shorashim», stressing the exceptional importance of this work for the future of the Jewish people.
Association of Zohar will make every reasonable effort to provide free assistance to all who apply to immigrants in the procedure of the confirmation of Jewish origins in order to subsequent children and grandchildren of the immigrant was able to arrange a marriage.

In the year of the seventieth anniversary of the state of Israel planned to help 70 000 immigrants and their children, putting maximum effort to maintain the continuity of the chain of generations of the Jewish people.

«Over the last 10 years working on each treatment was reduced from 3-4 months to 2-3 weeks, and the number of successfully completed cases, reaches 87%. More than 20,000 young Israelis were able to celebrate their wedding in a pre-scheduled,» says Shimon Ar-Shalom, the founder of the «Shorashim»-Zohar and chief curator at the professional issues.

Before the Centre was established «Shorashim» no lawyer, even a lot of money, did not undertake a search of documents remaining in the archives of the collapse of the USSR, the delivery of videozapisi evidence of the few living eyewitnesses to represent a rabbinical court. This simple task can handle only an experienced specialist who has access to the necessary information sources and owning professional knowledge and experience.

Relying on the expert assistance of the staff of the «Shorashim»-Zohar can overcome many of the obstacles encountered in the proof of Jewry, in a short time to prepare all the necessary documents to apply to the Rabbinate and to minimize bureaucratic red tape.

And we must not wait when a problem arises, and to contact for assistance: tel: 02-6242206 or by email. email:
The Central office is located at the address: Jerusalem, street of Canvey will Nesharim 13, 4th floor.

Zohar-«Shorashim» – grant assistance for marriage at the Rabbinate 09.02.2018

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